This is the first edition of an online newsletter compiled by the Communications and Marketing department. The newsletter is intended to bring you the latest helpful tips and information that you can use to make your marketing and promotions more effective and your job just a little easier. The content comes from areas under the Communications and Marketing department, including Marketing, Public Relations, Web Services, Social Media, Graphic Design, Photography and Video. If you ever have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or contact your marketing liaison.

Jan Bond | Executive Director, Communications and Marketing

Ashland University recently went through a brand update that included changes to the look and feel of our marketing materials, colors and logo selection, with communications and Marketing leading this effort. Click here for a rundown of the updates and related images from Director of Graphic Design Services Mike Ruhe.
The internet is constantly changing and keeping up with the shifts in technology is vital to successful marketing. Having a social media presence and an attractive website are important, but utilizing these elements appropriately can make your image stand out in the overcrowded digital landscape. One way to improve your web presence is through incorporating video and the Communications and Marketing area now offers video services for those on campus. This article contains five quick tips to get you started with integrating video into your web presence.
Communications and Marketing has made some significant enhancements to the university website including a new design and more dynamic and current content. Part of this success is attributed to the new Drupal 7 content management system. And now, thanks to IT and Web Services, getting training in Drupal 7 is easier than ever. If you need Drupal training, or just a refresher, you can now participate in self-directed Drupal training online. View the full article for details on automated online Drupal training.
As a way to promote Ashland University as well as its programs and events, Communications and Marketing is asking the campus community that whenever possible, please use the watermark (the AU wordmark) on images provided by EagleEye Photography when posting photos and albums to Facebook and other social media. The watermark provides a recognizable image, in this case the AU wordmark, on these photos. Click here for more details on why and how to use the watermark.
Can I order business cards now? What about letterhead and envelopes? Can I get a proof today? Can these get here soon? Well…the answer is “Yes.” Recent university realignment presented us with the opportunity to look at options that would make it easier for you to get stationery items on demand with an online ordering tool that allows a department to shop and order their AU stationery items via a website storefront. Click here for the full article with details on the web-to-print system.
“I do not have a target market,”, “we need to reach everyone with our message,” “everyone is interested,”, “this is private higher education, not corporate” As the University’s marketing liaison for all four colleges (undergraduate) and student affairs, I often hear these comments expressed in the early phase of project planning. The importance of identifying a target market should not be overlooked, however. On the contrary, the “shotgun approach” of “marketing” to all does not often yield favorable results...
The portal is the internal webpage located at – and it has changed the way internal communications are handled on the Ashland University campus. Now, instead of emails or an emailed newsletter, faculty, staff and students access the myAU portal to get announcements, events and... Snow closings and delays will be posted on the portal and across the top of the university web pages.